The Team

Jason Brennan - President of Fine Tune Auto Service

Jason Brennan

Position: The Company's President

Jason Brennan, the company's President, has attended 3 years at the University of Illinois at Chicago for electrical engineering and has a technical certificate in automotive/truck/industrial technology from Universal Technical Institute in Glendale Heights, IL. He began his career at a Volkswagen dealership and worked at several other shops, before beginning Fine Tune Repair Service in 2000.

Danylle Brown - Service Manager

Danylle Brown

Position: Service Manager

Danylle has over 15 years in customer service. She will make sure that all customers are happy and satisfied by providing personalized customer service in a timely, efficient manner and focusing on making sure the customer's needs are always priority number one. Working close with the technicians and other service advisors, she can ensure the customer that everything will be completed professionally, honestly and of superior quality. The customer can rest assured knowing Danylle will always go to whatever lengths necessary to meet their needs and keep them informed throughout the repair process.

Tim Jones - Technician at Fine Tune Auto Service

Tim Jones

Positon: Shop Foreman

Tim has worked for us for about 9 months. He is able to apply his knowledge of engine theory and electronics to cars and is able to solve any electrical or driveability problem that comes in. He is able to do any mechanical work we give him. He can also assist at the service counter if needed and knows how to run the shop management system. Tim blows off steam by skateboarding and fishing, as well as repairing small engines just for fun.

Nikki Zybak - Bookeeper/administrative assistant | Fine Tune Auto Service

Nikki Zybak

Position: Bookeeper/administrative assistant

Niki brings to the table a variety of skills and expertise Working in bookkeeping, Human Resources, Event Planning and anything office related. Her 10 years of experience, being a mother of three, and her BA of History, Psychology, and Women’s Studies from Loyola University are what makes her an asset to our company. She knows how to get it done!!

Niki is some one you can relate to on a personal level. Her compassion and empathy create great personal relationships with our customers. She would “like to see Fine Tune continue it’s emphasis on good, honest work - putting our customers first.”

Niki plans to help increase customer satisfaction by continuing to be open and honest with customers, so that a level of trust can be established and continued for years to come.

Josh Williams - Automotive Technician | Fine Tune Auto Service

Josh Williams

Automotive Technician

Josh enjoys engine, brake steering and suspension work on cars. He is interested in learning how to use various diagnostic equipment here at Fine Tune so he can tackle more diagnosing issues.

With three years experience, and bringing new ideas and tricks of the trade, Josh is working toward being a lead technician and the go-to guy for diagnosing and fixing vehicles.

He hopes to increase customer satisfaction by doing a quality job, as quickly as possible, and correcting the customers concern the first time. Josh has obtained ASE Certifications in:

A4 -Steering and Suspension
A5 - Brakes

Jay Johnson - Automotive Technician | Fine Tune Auto Service

Jay Johnson

Automotive Technician

Jay addresses customers vehicle needs by applying his various skills and knowledge of automotive systems. He ensures that the customer's problems are addressed and fixed correctly the first time.

With 16 years of professional automotive experience he takes great personal pride in this field by accurately diagnosing or fixing a problem that some other technicians wouldn't want to get involved with. Jay plans to help Fine Tune Automotive grow into a successful multi shop company and would also like for us to be known as an area leader in automotive repairs.

General Motors ASEP Program Graduate
Ase Certified
General Motors Certified
Honda Certified
Federal-Mogul Advanced Drivability Training

Jeff Krulic - Powertrain Specialist| Fine Tune Auto Service

Jeff Krulic

Powertrain Specialist

Jeff has a wide range of training and experience in the automotive indistry with almost 20 years in the profession. He is a Master Transmission Rebuilder and a complete Drivetrain technician who is a valuable member of our team.

Jeff is proficient in types of repairs such as:

Automotive Engine Repairs
Advanced Diagnostic Systems
Truck Automatic Transmissions
Diesel Engines
Preventative Maintenance
Automotive Powertrains, Chassis, Brakes,
Fuel and Ignition Systems, Climate Control,
Drivability and Emissions, and Transmissions
Hydraulic Applications
Custom Engine Rebuilding

Jeff Takes pride in his work to get customers to where they need to go even if it requires roadside assistance to get a rock band back on tour. He aims to own his own automotive shop someday.